Be On Time!

Being on time is one of the most important qualities we as parents can teach our children.  Now, there are always exceptions to everything.  With traffic, being late from work, dinner, other kids activities life can get out of control fast.  But, with a little preparation we can make it work! Why Is Being On […]

The Best After School Activities for Kids in Odenton

What your child is doing after school, is probably the most important part of their day. Let’s face it, in Odenton there are a lot of choices and activities for your child to do after school. However, as as parent, wouldn’t you want your child’s after school time to be spent getting some much needed […]

3 Tips on Bringing Your Family Together

Family time is important for so many reasons. However, family time does not have be just sitting down and watching tv or a movie. There are plenty of activities families can do together that will be enjoyable and bring all members closer together. Check out these 3 activities that could bring your family closer together. […]

Attack The Hill

I love to ride my mountain bike.  Especially on local trails. My boys and I have a few that we like to hit on the weekends.  They range in difficulty from beginner to advanced depending on what trail you are on. One thing there is no shortage of are steep hills.  Hills filled with rocks, […]