Kids Martial Arts

These fun and exciting classes help kids in many ways: they learn to have more respect for self and others...self defense...the importance of setting goals...and so much more. Click now for more information.


Adult Martial Arts

Learn powerful martial arts techniques in or Tang Soo Do Classes. And as your skills progress, watch your confidence rise, and fitness level improve. Click now to learn more.


After School Karate

Synergy Martial Arts after school karate program is a great alternative to open door or day care. Our program will give them the exercise they need, help them develop discipline & respect, all while having a great time. Click now to learn more.

Tang Soo and Welcome to our Website!

Synergy Martial Arts has provided Authentic Tang Soo Do instruction in the Odenton and Crownsville areas for well over a decade. We offer a positive yet challenging martial arts and fitness environment. Supplying a Authentic Tang Soo Do based education for adults, families, teens, and children, our classes are motivational and goal oriented. We offer convenient class times, industry leading facilities, and master instructors who are focused on positive results for each individual student. Try our classes with our Introductory Specials and discover the benefits of training with Synergy Martial Arts

All Martial Arts have gained a reputation for proven benefits: improved physical fitness and conditioning, better focus and concentration, improved coordination, increased self-confidence and the development of valuable self-defense skills. At Synergy Martial Arts we pride ourselves on offering all of these benefits to each student—regardless of age or initial ability.

In addition to our Authentic Tang Soo Do programs we have developed specialized, martial arts based, youth programs that offer traditional benefits in positively unique ways. Our Martial Art based Summer Camp is a safe, exciting, challenging and educational summer for children. SMA  All Day Camps offer plenty of constructive activity and fun on select school holidays. Our awesome Tang Soo Do Birthday Parties are a big hit with children and parents alike. Finally our After School Karate Program offers a constructive alternative to standard after school activities for children, while supplying parents a convenient and educational solution for their children.

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